Handbags At Dawn

Life was once like being on a seesaw with nobody to play with; it was so boring out here. Now, unfortunately, or fortunately (however you look at it) I appear to have a little brother called Boo! I’ve yet to figure out just where the hell it came from, and what’s wrong with its eye, and where it mustered up the crazy idea it has a right to my food and to sit in my spot… My human says it’s a ‘playmate’, I tell you, me, with my IQ and people skills, I could charm a bird out from a tree, and this, thing, they call Boo is meant to be a worthy opponent? Ha!

Alas at first I admit I didn’t much care for my brother Boo, I could not have cared less if the grovelling codpiece drowned in a wave of dogs. But, I have of late warmed up to him; I’m thinking he might prove himself useful, in a dogsbody kind of way. He can be my Baldrick, or Watson, and maybe help in my quest for the cursed Red Spot. Maybe he can act as a distraction as I sneak up on said spot and finally catch it. Anyway, for now he is currently digging for my poop portal in the litter tray, so he is already proving his usefulness. I’d help him, but he leaves that litter tray in such an unholy mess I somewhat favour not to get involved.


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