Its life Bob, but not as we know it….

The elusive red spot still taunts me. The tortuous thing bothers me, aggravates me and most annoyingly of all, puzzles the hell out of me. Like a Japanese bullet train fuelled with RedBull, the Red Spots movements are so fast its nigh impossible to catch. Even when I’m sure to have caught it, it’ll be there, sat there, on my paw, mocking me. One strange thing about the Red Spot is it doesn’t appear to craw nor fly, instead appears only on surfaces, yet can jump almost instantly from one wall to another effortlessly. So I began to investigate this phenomenon further but without the ability of catching the demon spot, I feared my efforts would prove fruitless. I mostly know, it torments me constantly, why is it here, why does my human acquaintance not notice, does he just refuse to acknowledge this red dot? I have considered that they have befriended it, or are in collaboration with the cursed thing?

Further research about the aforementioned fiend is I can’t smell it! Now as a cat, my sense of smell is matched by no other. My sense of smell is far more superior to any human, even Prince Charles’s nose is no match for mine, and everything has a smell, even things that aren’t there have a smell, but not the red spot. This must mean that the red spot is beyond smell, maybe the red spot is of alien origin, or maybe even of a supernatural origin. Another thing that strikes me is its ability to dot from floor to ceiling, as if the very laws of gravity did not apply. In addition, and more disturbingly, the red spot has an ability to be in two places at once. For example, when the red dot sits on my play tunnel, it sits both inside and outside of the fabric, and when it lands on the force-field protecting the interdimensional vortex on the wall that leads to the parallel universe, it appears in both worlds simultaneously.
Many things confuse me lately, like why do the clouds sometimes fall down when it’s cold, or where does my poop keep disappearing to from the litter tray, although I suspect there to be a poop portal, I haven’t seen one yet, but I’m still digging…..

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